Ceramics Expo

Bakony will exhibit at Ceramitec 2018 - the world's largest anual supply chain and conference for advanced ceramic manufacturing, materials and technologies - at Cleveland,Ohio between 1 - 3 May 2018. Please visit us!


Ceramics Expo

Bakony will exhibit at Ceramitec 2018 - the world's leading international trade fair of ceramic industry - at the Messe München Exhibition Center, between 10-13 April 2018. Please visit us at Hall B6 Booth 350!

Sikeres pályázat – GINOP-1.2.2-15

Mikro-, kis- és középvállalkozások kapacitásbővítő beruházásainak támogatása

A projekt az Európai Unió támogatásával az Európai Regionális Fejlesztési Alap és a Magyar Köztársaság Központi Költségvetése támogatásával valósult meg.

A projekt címe: Kapacitásbővítő beruházás a Ceramdisc Kft-nél

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Ceramdisc Ltd. is one of the leader companies in the field of Ceramic Low Pressure Injection Moulding (LPIM), producing aluminium oxide (alumina) ceramics. From the heart of Europe, Hungary (Veszprem) we offer wide range of high-performance technical ceramics and complex solutions according to our customers' requirements for electrical, mechanical, wear and corrosion resistant applications. We produce ignition and ionization electrodes, insulation sleeves for heating technologies, heating element holders for automotive industry, valves' ceramics and other components used in various industries.

We have our technical know-how of low-pressure injection molding from the tool design to the product. From the beginning, our goal is the continuous development of this innovative technology from mass production, injection moulding, debinding and sintering process through the precision machining.

We offer and produce high quality, cost effective ceramic products for our customers, and our company-wide quality management system ensures that our products and services are fully in line with our customers' expectations.

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Ceramdisc Ltd is part of Bakony Group, having 43 years of experience in various technical ceramics production.


Ceramic is the hardest material after diamond. Compared to conventional materials, high-performance ceramics are extremely hard, have high mechanical strength and are highly resistant against corrosion, wear and temperature.The high quality technical ceramic parts produced in our company are applicable in various branches of industry.


Our products can be used in many industrial branches as components or equipments. The main fields of application are the following, but thanks to the advantages of ceramic materials, parts can be used nearly everywhere.


Alumina or aluminum oxide (Al2O3) in its various levels of purity is used more often than any other advanced ceramic material.

Aluminium oxide is a chemical compound of aluminium and oxygen with the chemical formula Al2O3. It is the most commonly occurring of several aluminium oxides. It is commonly called alumina, and may also be called aloxide, aloxite, or alundum depending on particular forms or applications.

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